Robust Canadian Rockers STELLAR ASH Want Everybody To ‘BE OK’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

9 October 2022

Band: Facebook
Who: A four working-class unit formed 5 years ago.
Suburban dads who spend every moment of precious
free-time rocking out.

New single: BE OK

“When we were all struggling through the pandemic and lockdowns etc. It seemed to affect us all in a way that stressed us out and made us more irritable and intolerant. Everyone seemed to be arguing with everyone. It’s still pretty much the same now. This song is a plea to return to common sense while putting the onus on ourselves to make things better. To have harmony. To have unity. To be okay.”

TUTV: Stellar Ash use their experiences of the dreadful pandemic past to look to the future with harmonious hope embedded in a feverish slo-mo jackhammer with a sturdy grunge resonance. Think Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters at their passionate best. Shrieking guitars, an ironclad rhythm tandem, and powerhouse vocals. All ingredientes for a get-together outburst are here at play. Bingo!

Press play and be OK!

On Spotify

STELLAR ASH: Facebook – Instagram

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