A Space Odyssy – Swedish Duo ECOVILLAGE Wander In An Ambient Galaxy

10 October 2022


Who: Swedish ambient synth duo feat. Emil Holmström and Peter Wikström.
They have collaborated with many artists over their almost twenty year long
music career such as 4th Disciple, Dwight Trible, Carlos Niño, Fennez, Green-House,
Laraaji, Lo-Fang, Masayoshi Fujita, Purl
and many more.


“The Road Not Taken” is the tenth released studio album from Ecovillage and
the first one released on vinyl. The album has a more sacramental and human
feel to it compared to their previous work.

Turn Up The Volume: If you know and love the early solo albums – specifically his ambient ones – of sonic Odyssey expert Brian Eno then this spacey longplayer will
seduce your psyche too. Expect otherwordly soundscapes from another galaxy with a relaxing, mind-pleasing effect. Utopian synth symphonies that stimulate your fantasy world, far away from reality. Close your eyes and let your imagination flow.

the record here…

ECHOVILLAGE: Bandcamp – Instagram

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