Los Angeles Noiseninks MILITARIE GUN Turn Up The Heat With Sucker Punk Punch ‘LET ME BE NORMAL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

10 October 2022

Who: Noisemakers from Los Angeles

New single/video: LET ME BE NORMAL
Part of the upcoming deluxe edition of
their All Roads Lead To The Gun, out
on 21 October. Pre-order info here.

Turn Up The Volume: Holy smoke! All cylinders on, all burners on. Full tilt ahead.
No brakes, no breaks. Bonkers guitars, sinewy rhythm section, clamorous vocals,
and a king-sized chorus to blow roofs off with. A sucker punk punch to play out loud
while you’re banging your brain against your fridge. How can one behave normally
when this jackhammer does your head in? Not me.

Open your windows and doors, turn up
the heat and wake up the neighborhood.

Start the tape

MILITARIE GUN: Facebook – Instagram

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