The New MOJO Collectors’ Series Edition : BOB DYLAN 1941-2022 REVISITED

11 October 2022

Only the two lockdown years could stop from playing live. Yes, the by now legendary named ‘the never-ending tour‘ was interrupted but is in full swing now again. Today
the now 81-year-old Nobel prize-winner starts his UK/Europe journey. All dates here.

It’s one of the reasons why Mojo Magazine celebrates the living legend
with a Deluxe Anthology Edition, entitled DYLAN: 1941-2022 REVISITED 

“Bob Dylan first visited the UK in 1962 as an aspiring folk singer. This autumn, aged 81, he’ll
be back here once again, touring Britain for the first time in five years. As a salute to this folk great, songwriting genius and cultural icon, MOJO has created a 260-page book azine bringing together our previous 1941-1973 REVISITED and 1974-2020 REVISITED specials in a single Deluxe Anthology Edition.”

“Printed on premium quality paper, and with heavy card covers, this must-have omnibus issue sees MOJO’s writers unfold Dylan’s tale with unrivalled knowledge and passion, with the key events in his career captured in dozens of rare and iconic photographs. We explore Bob’s early years on the New York folk scene and subsequent furore in 1965 when he “went electric”, fusing the Beat Poets and Beatles into an exhilarating new musical form. We revisit his disappearance from public view to all but invent Americana with The Band in upstate New York, and his comeback in the mid-’70s with the masterful Blood On The Tracks album. Then there’s the extraordinary story of his three ‘religious’ albums and difficult ’80s, before his comeback as
a careworn, modern-day bluesman and millennial music legend.”

You can purchase a copy and let it be sent to your home. Info HERE.

See you this Saturday in Brussels Mister Zimmerman!

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