They Look Mean, They Rock Mean And They Have A Mean New Single Out – ELECTRIC HIGH With ‘CYCLONE’

New striking strokes

11 October 2022

(photo: Francisco Munoz)

Who: A high-voltage rock band from Bergen, Norway.
The 4-piece goes straight for the throat, fronted by two
in-your-face lead singers, while the band shoots out
pure electric power.

New single: CYCLONE

You know when you feel like a circus animal that’s being chased around the ring, trying to escape the Ringmaster’s notorious whip? It feels like a giant storm is building up around and inside you, that is about to break loose with full force … This song is not about that. It’s about the Ringmaster, and being the one who swings the whip on other people. The one who whips up the storm and demands that everyone follows his command.

Cyclone starts with both Electric High’s lead singers spitting the letter FFFFFFF into
the microphones before the whole band kicks in with full force into a pounding upbeat groove. The bridge coming up next, sounds like the whole band is tripping on acid, while singing brow-raisingly out of tune lalalala’s. Cyclone rages on into another verse and another bridge before the chorus opens the beat up, amplifies the power, and the
C-c-c-yclone appears. The band takes a tiny little breather, with a strange repeating
guitar lick, before the storm breaks out again.

This Norwegian indie rock brigade looks mean, rocks mean and Cyclone is a mean new single. As described above this rough rollin’ 4-piece causes thunder and lighting with this new trash and slash slam. Watch out for the Ringmaster. It can be fuckin’ Putin in disguise. To hell with him.


Also st(r)eaming on Spotify

ELECTRIC HIGH: Facebook – Website

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