Synth-Dance Duo FERAL FIVE Surprise With Glowing Pop Reverie ‘SILVER SKY’

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12 October 2022

Who: Electro-punk dance music duo – Kat and Drew Five – from London
with bite, fusing snarling guitars, sparkling synths, and ferocious beats.

New single: SILVER SKY

The first track from the long-awaited, forthcoming debut album, named
Truth Is The New Gold. Out on 10 February 2023 on limited vinyl, CD
and digital via ethical and indie label Reckless Yes

About the LP: “An album of true innovation, dazzling melodies, and boundary-defying themes. ‘Silver Sky’ introduces a sonic world of multi-layered songs and hook-laden grooves all making use of a unique palette of tools and instruments, both hyper-modern and ancient. From the AI vocals to live coded sounds, strings, and played quartz crystals,
to the skillfully interwoven electronics, synths, and guitars.”

Turn Up The Volume: I champion this explorative synth duo for some time now
as they made me always get up and shake my booty with their dancefloor anthems.

I also applaud every artist who has caring attention to threatening humankind issues.
But this brand new piece is quite a surprise, a formidable one. A more pensive, moody one.

Silver Sky is a glowing electro-pop reverie, scintillatingly constructed and orchestrated. Trancy, moony and yearning. Alison Goldfrapp‘s sensuous voice and tempting vibrancy
are not far away. A sassy stroke. One more thing, of course, you can sway your hips
here too, but in a more slow-mo chill-out way.

Tune in

Also trippin’ on Spotify

FERAL FIVE: Facebook – Instagram

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