Dublin Indie Maverick SKINNER Nails It With Hefty 4-Track EP ‘COMMANDER TRAINWRECK’

13 October 2022

(Credit: Niamh Barry)

Who: The moniker of Dublin
slouch rocker Aaron Corcoran

Out now via Faction Music.

SkinnerIt all started when I was let go from my shitty office job that I hated. At the time I thought “this is great, I’ll just take some time off and spend it writing loads of music then I’ll get a new job”, but it didn’t really work out that way. I ended up sitting around the house all day in my underwear watching stupid YouTube videos and becoming really depressed. Time is a funny thing, when you have it you waste it and when you don’t, you feel like you’re wasting it. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. I was sleeping for 16+ hours a day and not seeing anyone to the point where my dreams felt more real than my reality. I think everyone around me just thought I was becoming this huge waster but the truth was that I was dealing with some complicated stuff and I needed that space to figure it out. So I invented the character of “Commander Trainwreck” as a way of embracing my situation. I wanted other people to know that it’s okay to fuck up and if you need some time, then you need some time. I think everyone needs to be Commander Trainwreck at some point in their lives.

Turn Up The Volume: First thing that popped up in my mind, this sounds as
is if Beck is a high-electrical-powered post-punk injecting his catchiest tunes with
lots of hurly-burly, wall-of-batty guitar layers and sizzling saxophone fragments.

Yet he keeps on funk-ing and groove-ing like there’s no tommorow.
Now you know why you should, as I just did, add Skinner to your most
thrilling discoveries of 2022 list.

Stream the EP here…

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