Wake-Up Call – 2022 Sensation WET LEG Inflame The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show

Works faster than caffeine

13 October 2022

British power pop hype WET LEG from the Isle of Wight (UK)
proved that the press was right with their self-titled debut LP
released last April. A colorful collection of sickly addictive tunes
with witty, absurd, and hilarious stories.

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Belgium – 10 Aug 2022)

Since then the utterly cool duo is everywhere. At big
festivals (like last August in Belgium, making me smile
from start to finish), on TV, in the charts, in magazines,
on the Net.

And this week they inflamed the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show (US)
with their by now signature earworm CHAISE LONGUE.


WET LEG: Instagram

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