New Album Alert! PVA – THE BIG MOON – RED HOT CP

15 October 2022

Band: PVA
Who: Manic dance trio from London

Album: BLUSH – their debut
Released: 14 October 2022 – order info here

DIY magazine: “A collection of wonderful and curious songs perfect
for soundtracking that 3am dancefloor feeling – or maybe just your
.” Score: 4/5.

TUTV: Old skool dance/techno, but it works.
Open the old skool discos again!

Key/single/clip: Untethered

full longplayer here…

PVA: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Female dream-pop
quartet from London  

Released: 14 October 2022 – order info here

Juliette Jackson (voice/songwriter) about the album: “So much of the album I wrote
while I was pregnant and basically just wondering what the hell this was going to be like.
When I listen to it now, I can hear myself saying all these things and having all these anxieties. Those songs are a bit more floaty and just thinking about things and the songs I wrote after are more like the reality of extreme highs and extreme lows and the whole hormonal madness.”

NME:Lead singer Juliette Jackson’s pregnancy – and the band’s “recommitment” to each other – make the songwriting on album three immensely personal… From their pen through to their sound, ‘Here Is Everything’ is emotive and glossy; one that gives space to breathe in this busy world… Their deepest, most emotional album yet.” Score: 4/5.

Key single/slcip: Wide Eyes

TUTV: Their 3rd, their absolute best.
A blissful pop achievement.

Stream full album via Spotify

THE BIG MOON: Facebook – Instagram

Looks like the cover artwork was designed in the 60s for the Summer Of Love

Notorious funk-punk-rock celebrities RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS have their
second double LP of the year out only 6 months after Unlimited Love.

The new one is baptized RETURN OF THE DREAM CANTEEN and sounds
like the previous one, and the previsous one and the previsious one.
As the cliché goes it’s ‘a fan album’.

Rolling Stone Magazine: “At 75 minutes is even longer than its predecessor,
is essentially “Unlimited Love II.” it’s a bit of a stop-gap, but also a nice coda
Score: 3.5/5.

TUTV: I just made a compilation of the best 12 tunes of both
double albums. Guess what? It’s one of the best RHC albums
I ever heard.

Key single/clip: Tippa My Tongue

Full album stream on Spotify

RHCP: Instagram – Facebook

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