WAKE-UP CALL – Finnish Dreamers PASTIS Shine On New Symphonic Pop Single ‘WAITING ON MY GIRL’

15 October 2022

Who: Pop daydreamers
from Helsinki, Finland


“It’s a slow-motion car crash, a musical
photograph of a sandstorm in a water glass.

Turn Up The Volume: This new airy piece catapults Pastis’ sound into a more sophisticated direction. Waiting On My Girl is a symphonic pop reverie floating
around like a seagull in the wind. Breezy, light-hearted and with a shoegaze-y
vibrancy. The sparkling vocals have a lyrical feel and a moony finale ends this
daydream of hope and change. Think Fleet Foxes at their romantic finest.

Lose yourself in your thoughts…

Also streaming on Spotify

PASTIS: Instagram Facebook

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