A Stream Of Love And Respect For Iconic Songsmith And Storyteller BOB DYLAN In Brussels

18 October 2022

BOB DYLAN – 15 Otcober 2022 – Vorst Nationaal, Brussels

A truly unique experience. Why?

1. From his very first vocal on, I knew this would be a GREAT Dylan night (I had
a BAD vocal Dylan experience the last time I saw him in 2015). Self-assured, clear,
and magnetic. We, fans, know that the tone and timbre of his voice have changed,
hoarser and rawer than before, but still so overwhelming.

2. He played the piano all the way throughout the concert. Stylish at times, boogie-woogie at times, melancholic and romantic at times, but always compelling. He sat down behind the piano for the instrumental parts and stood up when he sang, through the microphone on top of the piano, so we could see his head popping up.

3. What a band. Jazzy, bluesy, rock-y, lazy, sentimentally. Whatever
the vibe of the songs was, these guys created a solid gold sound.

4. Dylan played his last album Rough And Rowdy Ways, released in 2020, in full,
except for the epic 20-minute Murder Most Foul story about the President Kennedy assassination in 1963. One of his best longplayers of the past 25 years, moody and
moony with sepia-colored sonority. Not safety first option with a setlist full of hits,
which he played unrecognizably anyway. Wonderful.

5. No arty farty light show. Just some big unchanging shadowy spots, making me feel
like I was in a small smoky bar. Imagine this feel in… a 6000-cap venue. Magnific.

6. It was, as expected and announced, a cell phone-free and seated concert. It created a truly relaxing atmosphere without being surrounded or distressed by all those tiny lights. Can’t remember anymore when I had such a tranquil live experience.

7. The euphoric reaction of the crowd after each and every song and the 10-minute-long standing ovation at the end was heartwarming. So much love and respect for the greatest singer-songwriter ever in my book. Soul-stirring sentiments were all over the place.

8. Dylan’s convincingly sincere ‘thank you everybody‘ reaction
and introduction of the band before the finale surprised
many of us, therefore it felt blissful.

. His one and only harmonica fragment came at the end of the
very last song Every Grain Of Sand and got an explosive reception.

10. At 81 Bob Dylan still is a supreme performer and entertainer.

Hail hail! Thank you, Mister Zimmerman.


1. Watching the River Flow
2. Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine
3. I Contain Multitudes
4. False Prophet
5. When I Paint My Masterpiece
6. Black Rider
7. My Own Version of You
8. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
9. Crossing the Rubicon
10. To Be Alone With You
11. Key West (Philosopher Pirate)
12. Gotta Serve Somebody
13. I’ve Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You
14. That Old Black Magic
(Johnny Mercer cover)
15. Mother of Muses
16. Goodbye Jimmy Reed
17. Every Grain of Sand

To end my series of impressive impressions
I want to see/hear this for the umpteenth time.

Fantastic artist
Fantastic song.
Fantastic video

BOB DYLAN: Website

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