Don’t Trust Fortune Tellers – Boston’s Blues Rock Unit DIABLOGATO Share Video For ‘JET BLACK NIGHT’

22 October 20222

Pat Piasecki

Who: A collaborative band where each of its four members contribute equally to the overall vision, songwriting, and storytelling. So it makes sense that as the Boston rock and roll brigade watches the world burn, an invitation is extended for everyone else to join in and drift into the “Jet Black Night” – all that’s needed is a little white noise and anesthesia.

A week ago Diablogato launched their new single, named JET BLACK NIGHT

About:“With all the crazy in the world that we have such little control over, we are trying
to rally our fellow people into the darkness together. Because no matter how much despair
and disaster we face, together we are not alone in the darkness facing it – into the ‘Jet Black Night’.”

TUTV wrote: This is a blues rock-fueled sledgehammer, a nasty mid-tempo
groove for all doomed people out there, pretty much all of us. No rest for
the wicked. If we have to go down, let’s do it together while having bad-ass
blasts like this on the stereo.

Now we can get scared with the video for this cracker.

Don’t trust fortune tellers,
they can put a spell on you.

Roll the tape here…


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