Boston’s Ambient Voyagers VIOLET NOX Share Razzle Dazzle Video Clip For Electro Stomper ‘SENZOR’

23 October 2022

Experimental ambient voyagers VIOLET NOXDez DeCarlo and Andrew Abrahamson – from Boston contributed two pieces to a compilation entitled Enko Landmann’s Empire of the Four Moons. A project organized by German label Gruselthon putting the Utopian novel by German author Enko Landmann into music.

SENZOR is one of the two tracks. It’s a multi-layered electro stomper,
a razzle-dazzle enterprise into space, an intoxicating illusion.

The duo have a video out now for Senzor. A glitzy psychedelic-colored collage
of what looks to me as an ocean in motion beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

Watch/listen and get puzzled…

VIOLET NOX: Facebook – Instagram

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