Garage Swamp Blues Duo DETROIT REBELLION Released 3rd Album ‘FAKE NEWS’ With A Little Help By KURT COBAIN

Standout longplayers

24 October 2022

Who: Singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeff Toste from Providence,
Rhode Island
, uniquely exploring a world of gritty blues and
garage rock with drummer Micaiah Castro, taking their name
from the 1967 Detroit Riot.

New album: FAKE NEWS

Info: It’s the first album recorded with drummer Micaiah Castro and recorded in Jeff’s
new studio in Rhode Island funded in part by Kurt Cobain‘s DS-1effects pedal, that Jeff had acquired at a Nirvana show and recently sold. “I was at what was one of Nirvana’s first shows on the Nevermind tour. Kurt had guitar issues and smashed his pedal on stage, then threw it into the audience.” Toste explains. After using the pedal on the last two albums “29 years later in January of 2020 he sold the pedal at an auction.

Jeff Toste: “Thematically it’s, overall, an internal and external existential therapy session. Dealing with a history of mental health issues and how to feel sane in an insane world”.

Turn Up The Volume: I first came across this red-hot-riff-roaring blues rock duo when
Clap Of Thunder , one of this record’s sizzling singles made my stereo shake. And, now, here’s their 3rd longplayer groovin’ and movin’ through my speakers like a rollercoaster, forth and back, quiet/Loud/quiet/Loud, with a series of bloodcurdling mood swings, fired-up now and then with psychotic guitar-charged hooks, then again taking a sonic step back and let their crystal clear reflections about our fucked-up world do the talking.

This black-colored, doom-and-gloom garage swamp blues body of work isn’t about the birds and the bees isn’t about pink misleading stories, isn’t about playing hide-and-seek and pretending that everything is just fine. No, this album is about our grim reality, about 2022, about waking up and realizing that the only way to survive is by standing together and at least try to make it work for everybody, not only for the privileged ones.

Singles/clips: 2020 / Clap Of Thunder / The Law Of Attraction

– 2020 –



Stream/buy all fake news here…

DETROIT REBELLION: Facebook – Instagram

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