THE PULL OF AUTUMN Share Rapid-Eye-Movement Video Clip For Their Dub Stunner ‘OUTLAW EMPIRE’

25 October 2022

(Credit: Luci Lux, Chiara-Meattelli & Dominic Lee)


Who: The art-rock collective of Rhode Island musician Daniel Darrow,
from 80s post-punk group Johanna’s House Of Glamour. working
constantly with other notable artists.

A few weeks ago they released OUTLAW EMPIRE.

The first single from the upcoming album Beautiful Broken World,
that’ll see the day of light on December 9. Order info here.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: Outlaw Empire‘ grooves and moves with Massive Attack‘s
trip-hop swagger, spacey reverberance and a sickly sticky, ongoing dub rotation. If
you were/are a Pop Group fan you’ll recognize Maffia maestro Mark Stewart‘s voice
from the first note.

Now you can get in the mood for Halloween with a
rapid-eye-movement visualization of this dub stunner.

Roll the tape here…

THE PULL OF AUTUMN/RBM Records: Facebook

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