Discover Engrossing Polish Shoegazers PASTRY And Their New Darksome Single ‘EDEN’

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27 October 2022

Who: Up and coming shoegaze/dream pop/post punk quartet
from Poland. In their music you can hear influences from genres
such as indie rock and shoegaze.

New single: EDEN

The 2nd single from their upcoming debut LP Cyan Fabrics
With Stains on Them
out on 18th November, following their
2021 debut EP Band Apart.

Turn Up The Volume: Eden progresses like a funeral march.
Darksome and doomy while weeping guitars and mournful vocals
create a sombre atmosphere that causes goosebumps. Here’s a band
confident to make it on the international indie scene. Discover them
here and see/hear them evolve.

Roll the tape for EDEN…

PASTRY: Facebook – Linktree

Video actress: Natalia Ławska
Director: Pascal Buła
Photo band: Maria Jaszczurowska

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