Amazing Album Artwork – The 3 Most Eye-Catching Ones Of OCTOBER 2022

1 November 2022

Artist: BJÖRK (56)
Her 10th LP

On the cover, Björk is her fairytale-side self again.
Flourishing, flamboyant, and eccentric.

Stream album here…

BJÖRK: Facebook – Instagram

Compelling American singer-songwriter BILL CAHALLAN started his career under
his alias Smog. From 2008 on he operates under his Christian name. Overall
he made 19 albums

His new, 20th one, is named YTI⅃AƎЯ.

Callahan: “A few years ago I was doing some drawing and very casually wrote reality backwards – just like you see on the album – and I thought that could be something
someday. It was when I made this record I realised it was the perfect time to use it.”

Stream album here

BILL CALLAHAN: Facebook – Instagram

Who: 4-piece from London with a punk DIY
aesthetic making noise since the mid-90s.

“Tales of fear and loathing in darkest South London.”

I guess the artwork speaks for itself.
Night terrors in Zombie land.

Stream/buy your
demons here…

THE FADES: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

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