Soulful Sunday With SEADOG And Their Brand New Dreamy Reverie ‘DOWNTIME’

Musings for the laziest day of the week

6 November 2022

Who: The dream pop project of Brighton-based
musicians Mark Benton and Tom Chadd.

New single: DOWNTIME
New piece from their upcoming – 2nd – full-length titled Internal Noises,
coming in the Spring of 2023. The single will be released as a limited 7″ via
Austery Records.

Brighton’s daydreamers do what they do best here. Creating calming, affecting,
pink-colored and starry-eyed soundscapes that trigger your phantasy. Downtime
is a sonic cloud that floats gently into your ears. I’m sure Brian Eno would like its
ambient atmosphere. So will fairytale eccentrics Flaming Lips too. Say no more.

Tune in

SEADOG: Facebook – Instagram


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