Folk Indies FLEET FOXES Share Picturesque Pearl ‘A SKY I’VE NEVER SEEN’

New striking strokes

10 November 2022

Seattle‘s harmonious folk indies FLEET FOXES revealed a new song titled A SKY LIKE I’VE NEVER SEEN written for the documentary Wildcat, which will be released in theaters on December 21 and through Amazon Prime on December 30.

The movie follows a veteran who travels to the Amazon, meets a woman running
a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center, and is entrusted with an orphaned ocelot.

Robin Pecknold (the band’s singer-songwriter) “ I was inspired by how the film employed unconventional means to arrive at something universally moving, and was struck by all the collisions inherent in the film’s conceit — between species, between hemispheres, between individuals, between the psychological and the natural. In hotel rooms and in borrowed studios, on time stolen from a world tour, I put this song together. It was an honor to be asked to me a song that could serve as an end-cap to this unique and affecting story and to collaborate with Tim again.”

The song

The trailer

Wildcat: Info

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