Darkwave Disco For The Twilight Hours – German Artist VLIMMER Has His New Album ‘MENSCHENLEERE’ Out

12 November 2022

Who: One-man project by Berlin based musician Alexander Leonard Donat
FFO: HEALTH, The Soft Moon, The Cure, Drab Majesty, Drangsal, Slowdive


Info: “The new album lets some light shoot through the dark red sky. Melancholy to angry, Donat documents which interpersonal barriers have arisen in recent years or have always existed. He also indicates repeatedly that one simply cannot understand oneself. Can man at all master his situation if he repeats the mistakes of the past? Is a “deserted” planet freed from humanity (“Menschenleere”) the only logical consequence?”

TUTV: Menschenleere soundtracks the dark times we live in with dark music. As long as only the evil eras of our history will repeat themselves, humankind risks destroying its heart, soul, spirit and mind. Pandemics, war, racism, sexism, inequality, intolerance, and all related, threatening issues are, unfortunately, timeless symptoms that will eventually lead to the end of the world as we know it, but contrary to what R.E.M. once sang, it
doesn’t feel fine, not at all.

Vlimmer realises it too and reflects it all in this new dusky longplayer with gloomy synth symphonies, somber vibrations, ominous orchestrations and melodramatic vocality.

Darkwave disco for the twilight hours. Yes, the good news is you can dance to most of the songs, maybe not with a smile on your face, but at least with some hope that one day we’ll finally learn how to survive.

Stream/buy MENSCHENLEERE (CD, digital, cassette)
here via Bandcamp

VLIMMER: Facebook – Instagram

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