Sensual Electronic Lullaby – DAGR And CHERRY GLAZER Muse On ‘TEXAS’

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13 November 2022

Los Angeles duo DAGRCeci Gomez and VerJonika ane Wyman – fuse hip-hop, techno, dance-pop and electronica into a remarkable sonic melting pot. Check their two albums (so far): DAGR (2021) and Fade On Back and discover their remarkable skills for sound experimentalism.

(press photo via FB)

Now they teamed up with, the also L.A. based alt-pop/rock act CHERRY GLAZER fronted
by Clementine Creevy for a song named TEXAS. A slow-moving and moony reflection, a sensual electronic lullaby.

DAGR: “We wrote “Texas” in the 100-degree heat of Palm Springs on a psychedelic golf course. We’re both from Texas and initially wrote it as a love letter to the absurdity of our home state. Cherry Glazerr transformed our ode to alt-metal into a beautiful love song. “Texas” has quickly become one of our favorite records, and getting to experiment in a new genre with Clem felt truly special.”

Creevy: “I love the music that they’re making together right now. It’s so fun and unique. It’s what the world needs right now. I like rememberer venting to them about boys in between takes, and they were super fucking cool about it. I love how this track just makes me feel free and sexy. Like a crazy little butterfly with a rattlesnake alter ego.”

Press play here…

Also streaming on Spotify

DAGR: Facebook – Instagram
CHERRY GLAZERR: Facebook – Instagram

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