Shoegazy And Bluesy Ambiance With THESE PEOPLE And Soothing Track ‘LEVELS’

New striking strokes

13 November 2022

Who: The solo project of Long Beach, NY
producer and songwriter TJ Penzone.

A piece from new 4-track EP In Place Of Time (stream below).

TJ : “I made the structure for ‘Levels’ while I was trying to learn George Harrison’s ‘I’d have you anytime.’ I just kept playing the first two chords over and over, changing rhythms, and adding more chords until it just evolved into its own thing. This one was incredibly fun/tedious to record and mix.”

Levels floats like a sonic loud. Its airy and shoegazy sonority creates a dreamy and bluesy ambiance. Its orchestration, a strings sequence included, is soothing and tranquilizing.

Dim the lights, sit down, relax and enjoy…

Stream/buy the full EP
In Flame Of Time here…


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