Boston’s Working Class Punk Turbo ALREADY DEAD Rock For The Blue Collar People

17 November 2022

Who: Hefty punk rock trio from
Boston, Massachusetts

The trio don’t pretend to be working class, they just are. Daniel Cummings (vocalist/guitarist) is a union pipefitter, bassist Brandon Bartlett is a union
ironworker; and drummer Nick Cali is a CDL operator in his hometown.

Daniel Cummings (vocalist/guitarist): “My Collar Is Blue’ is about working-class men and women who dedicate their lives to being just that. Also, the notion that while it may seem like other more ‘elite’ classes control whichever city they are in, it’s the working class who directly affect the growth, advancement, and even the daily function of that city. It’s is an ode to the past, present, and future of the working class.”

(photo by Roberto A. Terrones)

TUTV: This working-class punk turbo canned 7 working-class punk anthems for
working-class people who wear their working-class identity on their sleeves.
Loud and proud. 7 sucker punches about and for natural-born blue collar

They switch from a raw-riff-roaring hammer blow (Stability) to head-spinning
rocka-punk-billy (Talk About It), to a Celtic rock chant à la Dropkick Murphys, to
anti-hypocrites hard-core, to The Clash-like amplified reggae (City’s Burnin’) and
end with a sax-y groover (Something Of Freedom). Fists in the air for the workers!
Middle-finger for all greedy employers out there!

Singles/clips: My Collar Is Blue / Stability



Warning: Check your stereo’s speakers, oil your pipes
and alert your neighbors, before you unleash Already Dead.

Buy/stream album here…

ALREADY DEAD: Instagram – Facebook

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