Turn Up The Volume picks 10 gems of favorite bands/artists

21 November 2022

Artwork debut EP

Indie heroes THROWING MUSES started their journey back in 1981 in Newport, Rhode Island with stepsisters Tanya Donelly and Kristin Hersch. Donelly left in 1990, worked
a short time with Kim Deal and her band The Breeders and formed Belly in 1991.

The Muses made/recorded 10 longplayers between 1986 and 2020.
(When you click on the album’s title you can stream it in full).

Throwing Muses – 1986
House Tornado – 1988
Hunkpapa – 1989
The Real Ramona – 1991
Red Heaven – 1992
University – 1995
Limbo – 1996
Throwing Muses – 2003
Purgatory/Paradise – 2013
Sun Racket – 2020

I gem per album.


After her solo Europe tour earlier this year Kristin Hersch
will make American fans happy this Winter / early 2023.

THROWING MUSES: Bio – Discography – Instagram
KRISTIN HERSCH: Facebok – Instagram – Twitter

Wonderful songsmith, wonderful voice, wonderful persona at work in Belgium (16 May 2022)

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