24-Hour Rave Extravaganza With Electronic Eccentric ACID KLAUS

21 November 2022

Who: Solo conceptual electronic music project of Adrian Flanagan also the driving force behind The Moonlandigz, The International Teachers Of Pop and Eccentronic Research Council.

Album: STEP ON MY TRAVELATOR: The Imagined Career
Trajectory of Superstar DJ & Dance Pop Producer, Melvin Harris

Another moniker, another wayward Adrian Flanegan
record featuring several guest vocalists.


A 24-hour rave marathon.
Itchy beats, bitchy bleeps.
90s Acid House intoxication.
E-tastic escapism.
Titillating techno trips.
Hey boy, hey girl chemicals.
Fuck the Tories’ disco.
Sexual healing.
X-tasy extravaganza.
Bad Club Bad Drugs Bad People.

Singles-clips: Party Sized Away Day / Blow Your Speakers

– PARTY SIZED AWAY DAY – feat. Maria Uzor


Press play.
Start the party…

ACID KLAUS: Facebook – Instagram

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