Sonic And Visual Psychedelia – Portland’s Indie Rock Duo QUASI Dropped New Single ‘DOOMSCROLLERS’

21 November 2022


Who: Indie pop/rock duo – Sam Coomes (vocals, guitar, rocksichord, various keyboards, bass) and Janet Weiss (vocals and drums / she was the longtime drummer of Sleater-Kinney) from Portland, fighting the dehumanizing machine since 1993.
Albums: 10 so far, including the upcoming new one (the first in 10 years).


The 2nd piece the tandem share, following lead-single Queen Of Ears from upcoming album Breaking The Balls Of History. Out on 10 February 2023 via Sub Pop.

The album’s artwork

Quasi sing the Covic blues on this new track Doomscrollers. It’s a song about taking
solace in the simple pleasures (blackberry pie à la mode anyone?) a sing along for the disheartened. Inspired by Willy Wonka‘s psychedelic trip down the chocolate river.

TUTV: Doomscrollers is a slo-mo psych groove with 60s sonic colors and that legendary Hammond organs resonance. A sort of back-to-the-future experience with a chorus that will circle in your head for a while.

The video is wonderfully directed and conceptualized by B.A. Miale.

Doomscrollers on Doomsday.
Watch here…

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