Electro Pop Duo FERAL FIVE Believe That Togetherness Is The Cure – Listen To Their New Piece ‘GOLDEN RULE’

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24 November 2022

(Photo credit: Keira Anee)

Who: Electro-punk dance music duo – Kat and Drew Five – from London
with bite, fusing snarling guitars, sparkling synths, and ferocious beats.

Fresh piece from their long-awaited debut album, named
The New Truth Is Gold out on 10 February 2023 through
Reckless Yes.

FF: “‘The golden rule is people come together. This is a shimmering
anthem of renewal, and a clarion call for people to come together.”

The duo use AI (Artificial Intelligence) vocals is an innovative tack taken on this
single and across the album. Working with AI technologists Birds on Mars from
Berlin their krach.ai tool was trained on Kat’s voice, giving the Ferals an otherworldly
‘AI Kat’, acting alternately as instigator and truth-teller.

TUTV: Golden Rule is a desirous pick-me-up pop tune. Airy, breezy, instantly catching and an invitation to get together in these troublous times. Kat Five‘s vocals float all over this romantic reflection and glossy synths sparkle throughout. The most notable component, to my ears, of this new piece, is the distinctive Cure-like guitar sonority. Feverish, shadowy and arresting. Pretty cool. Bring on the album FF.

Also streaming on Spotify

FERAL FIVE: Facebook – Instagram

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