Portland’s Hellish Hardcore Crusaders BOTHERS Erupt Volcanically On Sophomore Album “II”

Standout longplayers

26 November 2022

Who: Hellish hardcore crusaders from Portland, Oregon.

New album: II

Info: ‘II’ marks a new era for the band. Heavier and more expansive, the album ventures into the realm of metalic hardcore with fiercesome riffing and dynamic tempo changes. The melodic intensity of their first release remains, resulting in an album that calls to
mind influences like Tragedy, Laughing Hyenas, Jesus lizard, Neurosis and Born Against.

Inherently primal, their second offering is nothing short of bespoke savagery – deeper, uglier, and stranger than their first outing. Imagine HUSKER DU finally found something
to be genuinely angry about, or if you ran the first couple TELEVISION records through a boardwalk funhouse meat grinder. If you’ve never punched yourself in the throat hard enough to make the room spin like your future swirling down the shitter, this record will make you realize it’s time”.

(photo by Lindsay Beaumont)

Turn Up The Volume: If you want to survive this volcanic album without fractures or roasted pipes make sure your psychical condition is top, especially your lungs, if not you’ll be crushed by its 11 merciless hardcore hammer blows made to start manic moshpits around our screwed-up planet.

Bothers are out-of-their-minds motherrockers who know that Judgment Dayy is around the corner. It’s actually the reason why the hellish crusaders made this psychotic piledriver of a riff-roaring record so we can all go mental when the sky explodes and blows us all of the face of the earth. Sound like big fun, right? You betcha.

Hell bloody fucking hell yeah!

Buy/stream II here…

BOTHERS: Facebook – Instagram

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