British Alt Rock Trio VERRA CRUZ Affect With Melancholic Power Ballad ‘THE WORLD IS CRASHING IN’

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27 November 2022

Photo credit: : Jerry Kirkman

Who: British alt-rock infused musical project of trio Marc James (guitar/lap steel/vocals), Henry Cross (bass) & Jimmy Cooke (drums). Known for their hard-hitting anthems and signature lap steel guitar, of which they stumbled upon in a small boutique guitar shop in Memphis, TN, the three-piece band have been creating mighty, raucous tracks, laced with spiritual and personal themes. The band admits, “We’re not afraid to sing out about injustice in the world.”


It’s a gripping ode to love, loss and simply raw emotion.

Marc James (guitar/vocalist): “The World Is Crashing In” was written during the painful season of Henry’s divorce. It was tough going for all of us to watch 2 people we loved dearly, separate. For me it brought up painful memories from my own childhood. The second verse was written from a time in my own childhood. Our family home had been flooded due to a burst pipe, it wrecked so much stuff including my mum’s wedding dress that she had kept. It seemed like a dark and apt metaphor for the impending carnage of what was to come.”

TUTV: The magic thing about this wonderfully melancholic power ballad is the sonic balance at play. No over-the-top orchestrations, no sugary melodrama, no macho guitar solos. This gem’s profound sentiments are expressed with tenderness and heart-and-soul tristesse. The guitars don’t screech, they weep gently. James’ vocals are not inordinate, but sincere, emotive, and for real. The World Is Crashing In is a moony sepia-colored symphony.

An affecting pearl.

VERRA CRUZ: Facebook – Instagram

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