Wonderful Voice, Wonderful Song, Wonderful Clip – Discover Songstress FERNA And Her New Sensitive Single ‘NEW CITY’

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28 November 2022

28 November 2022

Artist: ferna
Who: American singer/songwriter
born Hannah McPhillimy

New single: NEW CITY

“In 2017 Hannah McPhillimy, aka ferna, moved to Michigan, USA for two years. This relocation inspired the sounds and sentiment for “New City”, the third release from her debut album, Understudy. Exuberant synths, homemade drum kits (literally, made from a suitcase) and dispassionate vocals, this track visits both the euphoria of beginning again and the pain of having a reason to leave in the first place.”

The single’s cover artwork

TUTV: ferna‘s timbre is both smooth and detached. Doubt, confusion, and insecurity
are the keywords here, embedded in a moving mid-tempo melody that gets your aural attention from the first spin on and seduces slowly but surely your appetite for ear-pleasing sensitiveness. Wonderful voice, wonderful pop reverie, wonderful clip.

The accompanying video is conceived and directed by artist and filmmaker Alice Eugenie,
is a short film depicting relocation in another way: moving home. It shows the transplant of Eliza Frew, a Greta Gerwig-esque twenty-something, back to her depressing hometown. Over the course of the video, she comes to reframe it as a humble paradise.

ferna: Facebook – Instagram

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