For Those About To Rock MARGARITA WITCH CULT Salute You – Hear Their New Sledgehammer ‘SACRIFICE’ Here

Daily electricity to load your batteries

1 December 2022

Who: Birmingham-bred, heavy-rock power-trio

FFO: Sleep, Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard

New single: SACRIFICE
The first taste of their debut LP

Info: “The punishing, head-tripping, 4-minute epic was recorded live. It’s a truly
harrowing listen, crushingly heavy and mercilessly catchy. As the band gears up for
a busy 2023- including playing the incredible Desertfest UK in May, ‘Sacrifice’ provides
just a small glimpse into what will undoubtedly be one of ’23’s best metal releases.”

TUTV: This is a manicial mid-tempo sledgehammer that triggers you to bang
your head against a concrete wall. Deafening Black Sabbath drones invite you
to go berserk as if your country won the World Cup Football in Qatar.

Sacrifice is earsplitting loud, thunderous and full-mouthed.
Holy metal smoke! Warn your neighbours before you press play.

For all those about to rock Margarita Witch Cult salute you.


Also st(r)eaming on Spotifiy

MARGARITA WITCH CULT: Facebook – Instagram

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