Slash And Trash Garage Punk With THE DIRT And Their New Rad Double A-Side Single

Daily electricity to load your batteries

2 December 2022

Who: Jack and Sachiko based near Manchester who create psychedelic punk fused tracks, not fearing to straddle or uncompromisingly merge genres as they seamlessly bend the rules. They combine guitar loops, effects and distortion with percussion and the spoken Lyric.

The first single release from the band’s forthcoming
album “Agitator”, due for release in early 2023.

TUTV: Yes! I fucking love this, I fucking love The Dirt. Although I never heard of them before. But when you come up with slices of slash-and-trash garage punk rock where the criminally underrated Washington underground duo Royal Trux were so brilliantly good at, you have my hungry ears’ attention. This double A-side has it all. A hypnotic Krautrock-like riff repetition, psychotic spit and sneer vocals and head-twisting dynamics. My kinda stuff. And you’re the next to love The Dirt!

Stream/buy here…

THE DIRT: Facebook

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