Songsmith JAI BEAN With Emotive Tribute To His Sick Friend – I THINK YOU’RE WONDERFUL (FOR NICOLE)

3 December 2022

Artist: JAI BEAM
Who: Singer-songwriter from NYC, born John Cannon


BEAN: “My close friend Nicole is dying of primary immunodeficiency disease and cancer and has up to five years to live. I just reconnected with her a little over a year ago and we have been chatting and meeting almost every day. She is such a strong person who takes on each day with such positivity and strength.

This tribute is a tender and emotive electro-pop tune, with warm 60s organ fragments, other synth dynamics and Beam‘s amiable voice. Dedicated to his friend Nicole, who suffers from her battle with cancer. Unfortunately, countless people are fighting against that awful disease, they’re all wonderful too.

Have a listen…

JAI BEAM: Facebook

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