Natural Born Vermont Rocker KING TUFF Tells Us About His ‘PORTRAIT OF GOD’

Works faster and harder than caffeine

5 December 2022

Firm rocker Kylen Thomas aka KING TUFF</a>has announced details of his
5th LP. It’s called SMALLTOWN STARDUST and arrives on 27 January 2023.
Pre-order info here

To get us all in the right mood the King unleashed the 2nd taster
off the LP. It’s named PORTRAIT OF GOD

King Tuff: “If you were to ask me what my religion is, I would say three things: Music,
Art, and Nature, Those are the things I’ve dedicated my life to and which bring me the
purest of joy. Often when I’m making art or music I feel something guiding me- call it
god, call it Magic, call it Jim… whatever it is, it makes me happy! My god is probably
something totally different than yours, and that’s a beautiful thing! I was thinking
about that one day, so I wrote this song.”

The accompanying clip  was shot in the rainforest
on the Olympic Peninsula (Washington, US).

“It’s one of my favorite places on Earth, perhaps the most magical forest I’ve ever seen!
It was honestly hard to concentrate on making the video when there was so much mossy
love around us.”

Let God do the talking.

KING TUFF: Facebook – Instagram

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