London’s DEAD PATRONS Make A Lot Of Nasty Noise Out Of ‘NOTHING’

New striking strokes

5 December 2022


Who: British noise trio that  started as a dare. One that has got very out of
hand – for all the right reasons. The South East London heavy alt four-piece are
inspired by a wide mixture of influences from Deerhunter to Subtle to Bowie.
The members have created a warchest of songs that demand the listener’s

New single: NOTHING

“The song was written during lockdown about feeling insignificant and
powerless, a sensation most of us would relate to. Powerless, however,
certainly does not describe the vibrancy of this hard-hitting

TUTV: This is a nasty motherrocker of a hammer blow. Riff-roaring turbulence,
full-bodied Black Sabbath drones, chainsaw guitars and growling vocals.
Another pushing powerstroke following their previous supreme single Lover.

The video, masterminded by Tom Brewins, is a film-noir/B-movie horror take
on the questioning of self that goes with feeling like an outsider and having your
agency removed. It has graphic content, not to be viewed by the faint hearted.

lso st(r)eaming on Spotify


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