NEVERLAND RANCH DAVIDIANS – Garage Blues Rock Trio From L.A. With New Slam ‘RAT PATROL

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7 December 2022

Who: A kooky trio from Los Angeles that doesn’t care a hoot for the niceties of popular culture. Their chosen moniker is a collision referencing two late 20th Century icons, Michael Jackson and ‘Waco Savior’ David Koresh. Their sound is refreshingly confusing, blending distorted psych, primal rockabilly, hairy-assed punk and chicken-fried soul
like nothing on earth.

A new piece from their self-titled debut LP, out 20 January 2023
through Polish label Heavy Medication.

Tex Mosley (singer/guitarist): “Rock’n’roll is still respected and celebrated in Europe, so we were happy to catch the ear of a cool Euro label like Heavy Medication. They really understood where we were coming from and helped shape what would become our debut LP. We hope we can fly over and play for European audiences in the near future.”

TUTV: New slam Rat Patrol is vintage garage rock mania, red-hot-blooded blues-punk riffage. These three L.A. dropouts show that you only need a pumped-up rhythm force, an out-of-tune guitar, and a flipped-out singer to get out of your mind, out of your head, and out of control. They rattle with raw gusto and roll with rough zip. Jon Spencer and his fab Blues Explosion should take them along on their next tour.

Release the rats here…

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