Say Hello To ‘JO-JO & THE TEETH’ And Goodbye To 2022 With Their Big Glam & Blues Rock Bangs

8 December 2022

(📸 by Kamila Jarczak)

Band: JO-JO & THE TEETH (London, UK)
Who: A glam art-rock squad with a dark & moody,
driving sound rooted in old fashion guitar Rock’N’Roll.

About JO-JO: The Big Bad Bitch with The Microphone. The Conjurer. The Loudest Witch In The East & The West. Hailing from Lacombe Alberta, Canada. Eventually, she found herself on an Island in the south of England, where she collected some English boys & convinced them to join her band.

“ I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t humming or singing under my breath. I’m still the obnoxious asshole behind you at the supermarket singing along to Celine Dion on the radio (and nailing it).

Released: 2 December 2022

Turn Up The Volume: JO-JO is the flamboyant Amazon in the middle. She sings the
blues with the vigorous vitality of eternal legend Janis Joplin (We’re Just Animals / Moon Child), she rocks her multi-colored tail off with the gusto of Grace Slick on a roll (My Babe / No More Good News / Don’t Get Too Heavy), she has the groovy guts and the glamorous looks of eccentric punkette Nina Hagen and to close the show she affects with a gripping candlelight reverie for the midnight hours (Oh Brother).

Mind you, she’s not alone. Her bang-on band The Teeth know all the 60s/80s/80s
rock ‘n’ blues ‘n’ glam ‘n’ punk ‘n’ roll classics. They back Jo-Jo with a mood-and-cadence fitting firework of Jimmy Page riffs, John Lee Hooker hooks and Slash licks. Retro injected electricity with a varied pallette of tremendous retro songwriting. Timeless stuff.

: No More Good News / Don’t Get Too Heavy / My Babe




Goodbye 2022, hello 2023.
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JO-JO & THE TEETH: Facebook – Instagram

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