Dreamwave Duo LUNAR TWIN Share Notable Piece And Fan Video – Hear/Watch ‘ANDROID DREAMS’

10 December 2022

Who: A dreamwave duo from Hawai/Salt Lake City formed in 2013 that
explore “space- and time theories, nature and culture. Their music connects
with the lyrical themes through spacey soundscapes with use of guitar reverbs,
electronics and nature sounds.”

Single/video: ANDROID DREAMS

It follows the lead single Beyond The Sun from their upcoming album Aurora,
which comes our way on 1 February 2023. Pre-order (digital album) info: here.

Android Dreams is a superb piece of synth symphonic splendor, taking you
on a titillating trip in your mind far away from our grim reality. Spellbinding.

The video was made by Frances Campbell a fan of the group with her re-filming and creating collages out of creative common and fair use footage of Robby Mueller‘s works
as an educational tribute to him. She felt like the band’s music was cinematic in nature
and would be a suitable pairing. When the duo saw the video they were very moved and agreed to let her add footage of the band performing with music to complete this tribute.

“Really random things seem to happen to us folks we have never met sending us such a cool video out of the blue wanting to collaborate with us for this tribute video. I Love the imagery
I have swept away in memories watching the collage Ms Campbell assembled“


LUNAR TWIN: Bandcamp – Facebook – Instagram

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