Shake Your Hips With Irish Mean Groove Machine pMAD In Your Bomb Shelter

Standout longplayers

12 December 2022

Artist: pMAD
Who: The moniker of Irish post-punk, gothic rock artist Paul Dillon
from Portumna, Co. Galway in Ireland. He has been described as;
“If The Cult and The Mission had a child this is what it would sound like”.

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An introspective look at the artist himself and acknowledges his failings
along with a broader look at how we are destroying our planet and ourselves.
This debut full-length features the five critically acclaimed singles pMAD
released this year, some new pieces and remixes.

TUTV: If you want to take a fitting record into your bomb shelter while hiding for
the fatal day caused by humankind itself take this debut album by mean groove
machine pMAD with you. When we go down, let’s do it with a firework Doomsday
party and let’s reflect, at last, on what and who we fucked up in the past. Maybe redemption can put a last smile on our sad faces.

Once upon a time, Faithless revealed that Jesus is a DJ.
I propose to let pMAD do the djing for this special occasion.

Key tracks: Sisters / Broken / Medicine

Hypnotic psych jam

Bass banger

Nightmarish lullaby

– WHO AM I –
Haunting sledgehammer

Stream/buy the album here…

Also streaming on Spotify

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