Take Your Time To Wake Up – KING GIZZARD And THE LIZARD WIZARD With The Longest Single Of 2022

Works faster and harder than caffeine

21 December 2022

I’m quite sure that days down under last for 48 instead of 24 hours. Psych-rock Aussies KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD canned a total of 25 LPs in only 10 years. That’s insane.

Recently they explained in NME about the band’s philospy: “If an album is shit and nobody likes it, you just put another one next month”. Next month? Last October they had 3 albums out in 3 weeks. Insane, indeed.

And on one of those, named Omnium Gatherum, they start with a 18 minute jam called THE DRIPPING TAP. The longest song I heard all year. Supersonic guitar schizophrenia, like a jet at cruising speed. A maniacal mindfucker. Hallelujah!

Fasten your seatbelt.

Live version

KGLW: Facebook

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