HANNYA WHITE – Schizophrenia In Sonic Motion On Her New Dissonant Piece ‘And A POW World’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

22 December 2022

Who: Musician/modern art painter and video maker,
based in London creating an unusual combination of
the playful and the dystopian.

New single: And A POW World
From her upcoming new album.

TUTV: After flabergasting my ears last year with her debut 4- track EP
No Preview – chaotic music for chaotic minds in chaotic times – White
just released a new piece, titled And A Pow World.

A mind-blowing brainbreaker with lots of distortion, turbulence, and disturbance. Schizophrenia in sonic motion. Like a bone-chilling violin in horror movies. Like
a dissonant siren in wartime.

Think David Lynch and Scott Walker doing what they do best, turning nightmares
into a what the fuck is going on experiences, but even messier. No, it’s not a sweet
Santa Claus carol. It’s another otherwordly Hyanna White flair-up.

Watch/listen and get puzzled…

Buy the track here via Bandcamp.


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