How Was 2022 For Sparkling Italian Guitar/Synth Pop Family THE BANKROBBER?

23 December 2022

Sparkling Italian synth-guitar-pop act THE BANKROBBER is centered
around siblings Giacomo and Maddalena Oberti. Turn Up The Volume is
a vivid fan since their 2018 album Missing with its effervescent shaped
pop-ular tunes without frontiers.

This year the band came back with a stellar new 6-track EP, named
LIGHTERS and is voted Best EP of 2022 by Turn Up The Volume.
Say no more.

Enough reasons to have a chat with capobanda Giacomo about the EP
but also about their Euro tour, a scary night in France, The Clash (of course),
the siblings’ inspirational father and more.

But, as usual, we start an interview with a piece of music. Here’s one of my
fav tracks off the EP where they went from bankrobbers to bankrockers.

Hello Giacomo,

When and how did THE BANKROBBER started its musical journey?

“We started as a band many years ago, playing the songs we loved. We had
the rehearsal room in the cellar under the house, after the first gigs we wanted
to start writing our songs and over the years the project has changed shape
up to today’s line up.”

Who came up with the band’s name and is there story behind?

“We were kids and we mostly listened to punk music. We had a list of names
from songs or album by artists we loved like “Shadow Play” by Joy Division and
“Bankrobber” by The Clash. I decided for The Bankrobber because it sounded great
to me and it still does, I also love the meaning so I really like our band’s name.”

Your father was in a prog rock band in the 70s and now his daughter and
son are making music for some time. Were you inspired by your dad?

“Sure! We grew up in a house full of music and records so it helped a lot
to build our passion for music and our creativity. He also always bought
us the records we wanted and encouraged to make music but without

Father Oberti on the far left – drummer for
with prog-rock band Men Of Lake in the 70s

Which of your songs would you pick to introduce
THE BANKROBBER to people who never heard of you?

“Hard question! I think our music has a soft romantic side and a more energetic side,
so I will probably would say “Blood” which was released between the two albums.”

The brand new EP ‘LIGHTERS’ is a great work of pop
excellence. Does the title relate to the 6 songs?

“Actually it’s not, we are going to release another EP called “Lovers” and the full album’s title will be Lighters and Lovers. We chose this name from one of the songs we were producing for the record but then we decided to save it for a future release.”

With song titles like ‘Kill My Name’, ‘Hate Me’, ’Bury Me Softly’
and ‘Leah Dies’ it’s like the EP is not really a happy one.

“We define this new work something between Dark and romantic, there are often
both elements. introspective, abstract and dark lyrics that somehow speak of love.”

WHITE SKIN is my absolute fav piece.
What’s the song about?

White Skin is a love song about distance. A love letter.”

“The video for ‘White Skin’ is top too.
What did you want to express with the clip?”

“To get a more precise answer we should ask my sister who conceived and directed
the video but it is set during prom and she wanted to give the protagonist an almost magical aura to make the story dreamy and romantic.”

Next year another EP named LOVERS is coming out.
What can you already reveal about it ?

“It’s going to be a five songs EP, we produced everything in the same
period so the whole project sounds heterogeneous but with common

We can also say that there will be a feat. In one of the songs.”

Any anecdotes about your recent Euro tour?

“We are very happy to be back after two years without concerts.

During this tour everything went very well except for a couple of scary
accommodations and a crazy adventure by night. We were in France and
we almost had to cross the country in one day. So after the concert we
headed back to the next city but we were too tired and we looked for
rooms to rest a bit.

At one point we entered the parking lot of a motel to see if there was the
possibility of staying overnight when we realize that the gate had closed
behind us blocking us inside.


No one was answering at the motel’s phone number so we
had to wait for someone to come in or leave. We decided to
sleep in the van while we waited and after a few hours
a very drunk man came in opening the gate and leading
us to freedom!”

What’s the best track/album you heard all year?

“I loved Skinty Fia by Fontaines D.C.”

Suppose you were asked to cover a Xmas carol,
which one would it be and how would it sound?

Christmas songs sound too happy for us, haha. Actually, I like almost
all Christmas tunes but I don’t really know if I don’t know if I could make
a version with our sounds while keeping the spirit but let’s try with
“The Christmas Song ” by Nat King Cole.”

Which track will you play when the clock
strikes midnight on 31 December.

“This is unpredictable! It will depend on the moment
but I think I would put something really powerful.”

Name three things you really want to happen in 2023?

“In terms of projects I’m building my production studio and I hope to work
a lot in it, I also would love to play with my band at some great festivals and
of course, I want to feel good with my friends and family.”

Thank you for this interview, Giacomo!
May the road rise with The Bnakrobber in 2023.

Stream LIGHTERS EP here…

THE BANKROBBER: Facebook – Instagram

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