Swedish Metal Team CURSE OF CAIN Feel ‘ALIVE’ And Ready To Kick Ass In 2023

Daily electricity to load your batteries


4 January 2023

Who: Masked metal team from Sweden

First single from their upcoming debut album.
Out in May via Atomic Fire Records.

COC: “Alive is the natural song for us to start of with: catchy but
dark at the same time, it really captures the movie metal feeling
that is our signature.”

TUTV: When you combine the theatrical bombast of Rammstein
with the towering melodiousness of Soundgarden you’ll end up with
an explosive cocktail that generates sky-scraping New Year fireworks.

Put your favorite Slipknot mask on, turn up the decibels, feel alive and
kick ass in 2023, just like Curse Of Pain will do with their upcoming
debut LP.

Right here, right now.

COC: Facebook – Instagram

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