Singer-Songwriter LUKE PETRUZZI Moves With Moody Reflection ‘PHOTOGRAPHS’

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

8 January 2023

Who: Singer-songwriter from San Francisco, CA


With a bold, genre-defying sound that melds his soulful vocals and prominent vocal sampling with pocketed beats inspired by trap, UK garage, and bass music, Luke Petruzzi is a rising talent in electronic music. Drawing inspiration from diverse artists like James Blake, Four Tet, and Ivy Lab, Petruzzi composes unique tracks that manage to feel ethereal yet relatable. The music showcases his love of taking creative risks and embracing intuitive spontaneity to uncover a novel artistic vision.”

TUTV: Photographs is a heartfelt and moving musing in motion. The bewitching combination of glistening synths, echoing vocals, and an overall vulnerable and
delicate feel makes this sensitive reflection pretty special.

Enjoy here.

Also streaming on Spotify.


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