Toronto Troubadour IAN ARDEN Stirrs Heart And Soul Inspired By His Muse ‘NADIA’

New striking strokes

10 January 2023

Who: Emotive singer-songwriter
from Toronto, Canada

New single: NADIA

Arden wrote it in one emotional and traumatic night. It’s a compassionate and
concerned plea to someone close to him who had been suffering for way too long.

“If you’ve been having a hard time, I want you to be able to find your inner strength.
I want listeners to remember that there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

TUTV: Nadia resonates like a yearning mantra, especially on the captivating chorus, sending shivers down your spine. This heart-rending contemplation balances between
fear and hope, between pain and content, but in the end there’s faith in the future. Arden‘s sensitive and tender voice stands out and feels so natural for romantic reveries like these.

Muse Nadia

The video features footage of a historic speech by former US president,
Franklin D. Roosevelt, which was meant to console America and the world
during the Great Depression. Spine-chilling.

“There’s a lion in her soul
and she doesn’t even know.”

Here comes Nadia

IAN ARDEN: Instagram

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