Crystalline Splendor – Dream Pop Duo THE YETS Start 2023 With ‘LETTER TO A BOY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

11 January 2023

photo by Gordon Backman

Artists: THE YETS
Who: Dream pop duo from
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

A piece lifted from their recent,
self-titled effervescent 6-track EP.

Robin Wilson (voice) says: “Somewhere at the intersection of sound and
emotion lies the description of those things we all treasure the most, ‘Letter
To A Boy’ is about that special feeling a mother has for her son. It’s unique
and difficult to express. It’s extremely hard to put so much feeling into so
few words. Lyrically, it’s the most challenging I’ve ever done. It’s also the
most rewarding.”

TUTV: Letter To A Boy could easily be a never before released track
from one of Cocteau Twins‘ album sessions. The Yets develop here
a similar starry-eyed timbre and a similar moony tone which that
legendary Scottish act – Robin Guthrie and Elizabeth Fraser – had a
patent on. Expect some crystalline splendor in sound and video.

Listen/watch here.

THE YETS: Facebook – Instagram

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