New UNCUT Magazine Issue #310

11 January 2023

“Sixty years on from The Impressions’ pioneering debut album, Uncut salutes
the gentle genius of Curtis Mayfield. Friends, family and famous fans – including Paul
Weller, Nile Rodgers, Kurt Wagner, PP Arnold, Brittany Howard, Jim James and Courtney Marie Andrews
– join us to celebrate the soul superstar’s finest moments as band leader, solo artist, songwriter, producer, guitarist and label manager. Stand by for music filled with righteous anger, spirituality and a profound desire to tell hard truths with depth,
empathy and humanity.”

Also: stuff about AC/DC, Yo La Tengo, Spencer Cullum, Killing Joke and more.

The annexed free CD named ‘Sounds Of The New West Vol 6
features 15 tracks of the month’s best new music.

You can purchase a copy and let it
be sent to your home. Info here.

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