It’s So Good To Be Alive With American Mean Riff Machine CARBELLION And Their New Slam Dunk ‘BARFIGHTER’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

12 January 2023

Credit: Sara Hays

Who: Muscular rockers
from Winsconsin, US

New single/clip: BARFIGHTER
2nd shared piece of their upcoming 2rd LP, baptized
Weapons Of Choice landing on March 17.
Pre-save/order info here. Artwork below.

Cameron Kellenberg (lead vocalist/lyricist): “We really felt this was a strong single for the new record and the feedback we have received echoed that sentiment. It’s got a great intro with thick drums and bass slamming into these big heavy guitars. I put a lot of sarcastic humour in the lyrics and played around a little with a few vocal stylings from verse to pre-chorus to call & response chorus parts. This one makes you want to drive fast and take chances. I mean, damn it feels so good to be alive right?”.

Brian Nimz: (drummer): “The video was filmed in two locations 4,000 miles apart. The bar footage was filmed in an old wood shed that director Joel Nilsson and his team in Sweden had transformed into a casual drinking establishment complete with white linen tablecloths, mood lighting and an old tube television blaring in the corner of the dining area.”

TUTV: Barfighter is a monumental motherrocker of a roaring ripper. Like Deep Purple
on speed with Slash hooks and licks, John Bonham hammering his drums to pieces and Ronnie James Dio screaming his lungs out. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll but I bloody like it, so
does my banging head and my trembling ears. Hell yeah!

Damn it feels so good to be alive.

Pick your fight here.

CARBELLION: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

Weapons Of Choice out 17 March 2023 via Eclipse Records

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