A Wedding Hymn For His Lover – Canadian Singer Songwriter THEO TAMS Covers THE BEATLES With Style And Tenderness

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14 January 2023

Canadian singer-songwriter THEO TAMS expresses his love for his bride-to-be
with a stripped to the bone cover of one of The Beatles‘ early mega hits I WANNA

TAMS: “I decided to take an approach to this song which focuses on the lead vocal, creating a feeling of recognition and nostalgia but also a bit of mystery. I sang this version of the song with a certain type of coyness which lends itself to the lyrics’ intimacy. I am not a fan of sappy lyrics at all, but this one just sits with me. Sometimes something so simple can seem profound. I love that they didn’t try to overcomplicate the song lyrically, it’s just a sweet love letter.’

TUTV: Tams‘ stylish and tender version of this Fab Four classic is wholly wonderful. A yearning wedding hymn for his lover and a soon-to-be first dance heartbreaker on many wedding floors. Countless artists covered The Beatles, few succeeded, but this is a winner, as well vocally as musically. A heart-and-soul touching gem to embrace. Goosebumps beauty in slow-motion.



THEO TAMS: Facebook – Instagram

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