Belgian Misfits FILIBUSTER Score With New Slam ‘UNFRIEND YOURSELF’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

19 January 2023

Who: Berserk Belgian rock 4-piece

New album: Quiet Part Out Loud
Follow-up of the steaming debut album Future Anachronisms
Out: 15 March via Fons Records and Gazer Tapes

New single: First slam from their upcoming second longplayer.
A garage rocker at its riff-licking best. Schizophrenic guitars thrash
and slash from start to finish, while the drummer adds hit-and-turn
thwacks and the vocalist is ready for a visit to the shrink.

Mad, manic, and mental. Hurry up to your Facebook page and
become friends (at your own risk) with this crazed bunch of misfits.
A band that understands that rock ‘n’ roll is fucking fun, in the first

Now. Here.

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.


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